Kurdistan National Congress congratulates the Kurdish press day

Beritan Tello –

The press committee of the Kurdistan National Congress, KNK, issued today, Wednesday, 22 April, a statement, on the occasion of the Kurdish Journalism Day, which falls on April 22.

The statement stated: “The first Kurdish newspaper, in the name of Kurdistan, was published on April 22, 1898 by Miqdad Medhat Badrakhan, so April 22 was determined on the day of the Kurdish press and media. From that day to the present day, the convoy of Kurdish journalists and press continued to work side by side and struggle for freedom, democracy and social justice.

“The Kurdish press was launched at a stage when Kurdistan lived under the Ottoman authority, as society then became in a sea of ​​darkness and repression. And at that time, that newspaper gave a ray of light to that darkness. It managed to some extent deliver the Kurdish voice to world opinion. ”

The statement drew attention to the opportunities of the current era, and said: “We communicate with people with confidence and urgency. Therefore, the role and impact of the media can be very effective and more focused on trend and events. ”

In his turn, the statement of the Kurdistan National Congress noted the importance of the media and the press in Kurdistan, saying: “Kurdish journalists live a low level of awareness and culture, on the one hand their country is occupied, and on the other hand, their society is in a sensitive political and economic situation. Even in a place where the Kurds enjoy a degree of relative political freedom, the abuse of power, social injustice, and a lack of a sense of national and intellectual responsibility have upset our people and therefore the task of the Kurdish media is very difficult. ”

The statement pointed out that “the Kurdish media are forced today to work on the political, economic and social situation of the Kurds on the one hand, and on the other hand, we see how the occupied forces in Kurdistan continue their new plans and inhumane actions against the people of Kurdistan on a daily basis.”

And the statement continued: “The occupying forces, which are hostile to the Kurdish people, are seeking to put plans to fuse the conflict and establish a civil war between the Kurds as Turkey does at the moment. Therefore, it is very important that all aspects of professionalism, citizenship and patriotism be integrated into the personality of the Kurdish media and that it is their sacred duties to achieve their goals.

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