Ortagos: America is concerned that Turkey will continue to operate Russian S400 systems and Washington is waving sanctions

Selava Omar –

At a time when Turkey claimed to postpone the operation of the defense systems, the United States of America reiterated its concern that Turkey would go ahead with its plans to operate the Russian S-400 system.

US State Department spokesperson Morgan Ortagos said the United States is very concerned about reports that indicated that Ankara is moving ahead with its efforts to operate the S-400 Russian missile system.

“We still affirm at the highest levels that the S-400 deal is the subject of current deliberations under the law to fight America’s enemies through sanctions, and that it remains a major obstacle in bilateral relations and in NATO, and we are confident that Turkish President Erdogan and his senior officials understand our position. “.

While a Turkish official said on Monday that Turkey’s plans to operate its new Russian-made missile defense systems were postponed due to the outbreak of the Coruna virus.

As it seemed that the tension between Turkey and the United States of America, members of NATO, will reach the point of crisis, due to the S-400 air defense systems in April, when Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his government announced their intention to activate these systems.

In turn, the senior adviser to the US State Department, “Richard Otten”, said in an online seminar a few days ago, that the deployment of the S-400 systems in the same airspace of American planes would be a “big problem” that could cause a new crisis between the two countries.

He added “The issue is not being debated right now because of the Coruna virus epidemic, but the thinking in Washington before the disease dominates the debate is that the Turks will most likely operate this S-400 system in April and that Congress will move to impose sanctions … I don’t think that None of that has vanished”.

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