The Crisis Cell in the Euphrates region issues a number of decisions with the approach of the ban approaching its second month

Beritan Tello –

In the context of the efforts made against the Corona virus, the self-administration imposed a curfew and closed all border crossings, in order to prevent the outbreak of the “Corona virus”.

Where the crisis cell in the Euphrates region issued today, Monday, 20 April, a series of decisions with the approach of the ban approaching its second month, through a written statement.

The statement said: “The Crisis Cell in the Euphrates region extends its sincere thanks to the citizens residing in the region for showing a sense of responsibility and their commitment to the decision of the embargo issued by the Crisis Cell on 3/23/2020, wishing them lasting health and well-being, hoping for a permanent commitment to self-quarantine and maintaining a safe distance. We are deeply grateful to the working sectors that are sparing no effort to implement the ban decision and its outcomes (the Ministry of Interior is the interior elements of the security forces) – medical staff and workers (Health Authority, Local Administration and Environment Authority / cleaning sector workers – administrative) – (Energy Authority: workers in the Directorate of Electricity And administrators).

It was also said in the statement, “With our assertion that we are fully aware of the psychological, economic and social conditions that citizens suffer from in the embargo, and we in the administration are serious about finding solutions to all problems that may result from the embargo according to the available capabilities.”

“In the framework of the crisis cell’s follow-up to the measures to prevent the spread of the emerging corona virus, we would like to confirm that no new infection with the corona virus has been proven in the Euphrates region to date, and given the widespread spread of the virus in the areas surrounding northern and eastern Syria, and for our safety Citizens residing in the regions of northern and eastern Syria and based on the directions of the Crisis Cell in northern and eastern Syria.

It was decided that:

The enforcement of the ban issued on 3/23/2020 continues.

Allowing industrial shops that maintain agricultural machinery (combine harvesters – tractors …) to work full-time while facilitating the passage of owners of agricultural machinery that perform maintenance.

Allow exchange shops and money transfer companies to operate on Monday and Wednesday of every week from nine in the morning until two in the afternoon.

Exit and entry to and from the island territory is prohibited except for petroleum tanks and gas trucks, with the exception of special health conditions.

The statement concluded by saying, “By joining together, we shall pass the ordeals.”

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