Extremist Syrian factions continue to abuse, burn and seize homes in the town of Ras al-Ain

Turkey's mercenaries continue to commit violations against civilians in northeastern Syria

Selava Omar –

Factions loyal to the Turkish occupation continue to commit violations against civilians of various components in the regions of northern and eastern Syria.

Where sources reported that the factions loyal to Turkey stole the citizens’ homes, seized their properties, and burned the homes of some of them, on the pretext that they belonged to “self-management”, in the village of Umm al-Asafeer, Arisha, Faysaliah, and Dawudiyah Mulla Suleiman in the Ras al-Ain countryside. These factions also burned the houses of the Yazidis on the pretext that they were infidels.

Also, gunmen from the national army backed by Turkey stormed the villages of Al-Matbaa and Al-Amrit in Ras Al-Ain / Sri Kani countryside northwest of Al-Hasaka governorate on the Turkish-Syrian border and arrested 32 people during house searches.

Sources added that the arrests were carried out indiscriminately, as the houses were searched and insults and insults were directed against the villagers, and the kidnappers were transferred from their sons to an unknown destination.

Where The general Syrian regions subject to Turkey are witnessing chaos and lawlessness, and conflicts between the various factions.

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