The people of Afrin between the jaws of Corona and the Turkish occupation

Selava Omar –

In light of the spread of the Coruna epidemic around the world and its preoccupation with it, the Turkish occupation and its factions are taking advantage of the opportunity to increase their targeting of the displaced Afrin residents in the villages of the Cherwa region, which poses a double threat to people’s lives, on the one hand, they must commit to homes to confront the Corona virus, and on the other hand they fear That the shelling destroyed the homes on their heads.

Where the Turkish occupation army bombed more than 400 mortar and heavy artillery shells in the villages of Shirawa district and the surrounding areas of displacement camps, which are crowded with residents, including the villages of Oqayba, Soghankeh, Bina, Al-Ziyara and Deir Jamal.

At a time when the self-administration in the region is seeking with all its capabilities to implement the decision to ban curfews and remove the danger of the Corona epidemic from the people in the region, the Turkish occupation is deliberately increasing the targeting of civilians to force them to leave the homes and gather in one place.

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