Self-administration congratulates all Christians in the region and the world on the occasion of the glorious Easter

Sorxin Resul –

The self-administration of North and East Syria congratulated all Christians in the region and the world on the occasion of Easter, which is the greatest feast for Christianity, as he remembers the resurrection of Christ from the dead three days after his crucifixion and death as stated in the New Testament. And in it ends the great fast that lasts forty days. The Holy Week ends the continuous resurrection time.

At a time when the entire world is going through an unusual circumstance due to the spread of Corona virus, all the occasions that happened during this period pass without celebrating it, as it was always within the precautionary measures to ward off the risks of this disease.

On this twelfth of April, we receive the glorious Easter feast in which our Christian people who follow the Western calendar celebrate, as this holiday passes under difficult circumstances.

But all this does not prevent us from reviving this holiday and its history, as well as allowing this holy occasion by heading in the self-administration of northern and eastern Syria to congratulate the general Christians in the region and the world, wishing them all. Ok, with our hope that this epidemic will disappear from the world and that peace and stability will prevail and that we will be able to revive all sacred religious events in the coming year together, amid creating a better climate than the atmosphere in which our country, Syria and the entire world, live.

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