In Pictures: Erdogan in the footsteps of “Saddam Hussein” sends the bones of a Kurdish fighter to his mother by mail and asks her to pay the bill

Brusk Hassan –

The story of a martyr:

The Turkish state continues with its violations against the Kurdish people, and takes arbitrary measures against anyone who disagrees with its opinion, and arrests and kills anyone who opposes its violations.

With the coming of the Justice and Development Party to the helm of government and the consolidation of Recep Tayyip Erdogan his regime, he took the Kurdish people and its institutions as his primary goal, and seized the municipalities and benefits of the Kurdish people that he won within the political and electoral rivalries in the country.

Turkey, under Erdogan’s presidency, has carried out actions and violations that no president but Saddam Hussein has committed against the Kurdish people.

At the end of 2017, “Akid Aibak” was killed by the Turkish forces, from the people of Tizyan village, which belongs to Mardin, upon burial, the Turkish government was prevented from organizing burial ceremonies, and only his mother attended the funeral.

Akid’s mother received her son’s funeral after more than two years, but in the form of bones and by post with the mother’s request to pay a 45.20 Turkish lira bill.

The family had been calling for the funeral for two years, and the authorities were taking the funeral from Dersme to Istanbul and vice versa several times.

The famous Syrian Kurdish writer and novelist “Halim Yusef” wrote on his page on social media:

هل هذه صورة أم حكاية وطن؟من يعلم حكاية هذه الصورة؟ امرأة تحتضن حقيبة مغلفة بقماش أبيض، تتوسد خدها بيدها اليسرى وتنظر…

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