Because of its policy external and internal Turkey on the brink of disaster

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The American magazine “Foriegn Policy” pointed out Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s insistence on continuing to bet on his past mistakes, it will bring more economic devastation to Turkey, with catastrophic financial consequences that will continue beyond the end of the Coruna epidemic. She also noted that the economic conditions in Turkey even before the outbreak of the new Corona virus were bad, as the country suffers from external debt and a frightening decline in the value of the local currency, and the possibility that the spread of the epidemic will be more reflected in the country in the future if Erdogan does not retreat from his repressive policies.

The magazine emphasized that the Corona epidemic put governments and the private sector in most countries of the world on standby, but Erdogan and during years of political and economic mismanagement, put his country in a position that could be the most vulnerable in all major emerging markets around the world. Turkey, which has recorded 34,209 infections and 725 deaths from the Corona virus, according to official figures released on Tuesday, is ranked ninth among the countries most affected by the pandemic.

Perhaps the most disturbing thing in Turkey, which recorded its first official infection on March 11, according to the magazine, is “the rapid spread of the disease, where the number of infections doubles every few days. April, to exceed 30,000 on Monday, according to official figures. ” The magazine stresses that there are concerns that these numbers are much lower than the true number of the epidemic in Turkey, where experts expect that the number of deaths may exceed five thousand by the middle of this month.

Although Turkey has an advanced health care system compared to the neighboring countries, the country is lagging behind the European Union in terms of the number of doctors compared to the size of the population.

The magazine added that Erdogan found himself in the pandemic of the virus another opportunity to take further measures to strengthen his authority by taking harsh measures, after arresting hundreds just to exchange information about the virus on social media.

And the magazine concluded by saying “Erdogan’s record is full of exploiting political and economic crises to implement repressive measures,”

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