Turkey in Idlib, from betting on Al-Nusra to the endeavors of direct occupation

Selava Omar –

Observers believe that Turkey wants to replace the support of the factions in Idlib with direct occupation of the region and this will lead to a dangerous escalation with Russia.

In this context, sources indicate: “Since the start of the implementation of the ceasefire agreement in northwestern Syria a month ago, Turkey has increased the number of military points deployed in the region to about 57 points, after it was only 12 points in Idlib and its environs, while continuing to send more. From reinforcements, whether from vehicles or soldiers, who numbered thousands.

It was noted on Wednesday that Russian aviation returned to flying extensively over the region, in which it was agreed to reduce the escalation between the Russian and Turkish sides in March.

Analysts pointed out that Turkey took advantage of the agreement to rearrange its military papers, and that from the beginning it had no direction to implement items that are considered a red line for it, perhaps the most important of which was the neutralization of the Headquarters for the Liberation of Al-Sham led by the Syrian branch of Al-Qaeda, which Ankara is taking as a major arm to implement its plans in the country. The neighbor. Sources said that Turkey was unprepared and practically unable to keep pace with the system and its ally Moscow, especially after the United States and European countries refused to intervene and help stop the two parties’ progress in the depth and surroundings of Idlib.

Whereas, it seems that Ankara has demonstrated since its inception the implementation of its lack of seriousness, by inciting “elements” to object to joint marching patrols with the Russian side on the international road “M4”, and Russia was forced to keep pace with the Turkish side and not to anticipate matters, as it suspended its participation in those patrols, Before returning and receiving the same treatment by pro-Ankara elements under civilian clothing.

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