Russia is intensifying its air reinforcements in northwestern Syria … and Syrian refugees suffer in the camps inside the Syrian territories

Selava Omar –

Today, Arab newspapers touched on Russia’s intensification of its military reinforcements in Idlib, Manbij, and the suffering of refugees in Turkey in light of the spread of Corona.

On the Syrian issue, Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper said: “The announcement of Russian media sources about the reinforcements sent by Moscow to “Manbej” coincided with the emergence of data on the intensification of Russian air movements over Idlib in recent days, although the Russian Ministry of Defense remained silent in both cases and did not announce Details of its actions, and Russian circles indicated that Moscow is seeking to monitor the movements of the parties in anticipation of new confrontations.

Russian media reported data about renewed clashes in the southern countryside of Idlib, between the Syrian regime forces and pro-Turkish factions, and said that the clashes were accompanied by an intense flight of Russian reconnaissance aircraft and warplanes in the Idlib and Aleppo countryside.

This coincided with the emergence of data on reinforcements sent by Russia to the areas of Manbij and Ain al-Arab under the control of the “SDF” and government forces in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, and according to media data, dozens of Russian armored vehicles arrived in the region with the aim of strengthening their presence near the Turkish border.

Sources also reported that the Russian moves coincided with the Turkish army directing several military strikes against the Kurdish protection forces of “SDF” in the “Euphrates Shield” and “Peace Spring” areas in northern Syria.

Corona’s proliferation fears have added to the crisis experienced by the Syrian refugees in the camps inside the Syrian territories in the absence of crews and medical equipment.

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