Corona exhausts the Syrian Pound…and the cost is overwhelming the country

Selava Omar –

Fear of the spread of the new Corona virus in the country is a new reality for the population in Syria, with the general closure in most areas of the country that have witnessed a grinding war for 9 years, which increases their suffering, especially with the continuous deterioration of the Syrian pound against foreign currencies.

Residents of various Syrian regions complain of the high prices of basic necessities for daily life, such as food supplies and medical medicines, amid the lack of some of them in pharmacies after the closure of the borders with Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq.

It appears that government employees and workers are the most affected category by the deterioration of the local currency, especially since the value of their financial salaries has not witnessed a major change compared to the sharp decline of the lira against the US dollar and the euro.

This damage is not limited to state employees and workers, but to them are added to other groups in society who have lost their jobs as a result of their displacement from one city to another as a result of the military operations in Syria over the past ten years.

As most markets witnessed a significant increase in prices since the announcement of the first infection with the Corona virus in the country late last month, and various sellers justify the high prices by the deterioration of the Syrian pound against the foreign currency, although their products are locally sourced.

It is worth noting that Syria has recorded 19 cases of corona and two deaths so far.

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