Turkish occupation mines cause the killing of civilians in the vicinity of the city of Kobani and Tel Abyad

Selava Omar –

9 civilians, including 4 children, were killed during the month of March 2020, and 14 people were injured, including 4 cases that severed limbs and permanent disabilities as a result of mines laid by Turkish forces and their armed factions in the vicinity of the eastern city of Kobani to the city of Tel Abyad and its countryside in northern Syria.

As the process of laying mines by the Turkish-backed armed factions in the vicinity of the international road M4 and the nearby and overlapping villages in the two regions increased after it was forced to stop its attack on October 17, 2019 on the east of the Euphrates with a truce declared by the United States of America, followed by an agreement that was formulated by Russia on October 30 October of last year.

It is worth noting that the areas in which the mines were planted are close to the residential areas and the roads, which exploded, injuring a large number of civilians. At least 8 of them, including 4 children, were killed.

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