Turkish opposition gives Erdogan a failure certificate in the test against Corona

Selava Omar –

The Turkish opposition attacked the Turkish President Erdogan because of his irresponsible policies and his failure to face the Corona epidemic

Turkish opposition commented on the failure of the Turkish authorities to confront Corona and imposing a curfew in the country so far, saying, “On Monday, Turkish opposition parties intensified their criticism of the government and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who tried to address the losses he lost during the management stages of the Corona crisis, which is approaching Now from the Turks, while Erdogan was running a meeting with members of his government on closed-circuit television from the Huber Palace in Istanbul, to follow up how to face the epidemic, opposition leader “Kemal Kılıgdar oglo” warned of a deeper economic and social crisis facing the country in light of the failed Turkish regime policies.

Local media quoted the leader of the Republican People’s Party, the largest Turkish opposition party in the country, as saying in press statements, “Turkey may succeed in health terms, but it will fail economically and socially.” kiligdar oglo added “If the political system continues its current concept, we will face a serious crisis and we will face painful situations in the future”

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