Erdogan’s mercenaries are asking for relief in Libya

Selava Omar –

Turkey continues to incur heavy losses in the countries in which it interfered militarily, whether with its soldiers or through mercenaries sending them to fight in support of its interests, at a time when Turkish President “Recep Tayyip Erdogan” faces sharp criticism because of his failed policy to save the country’s economy and prevent the spread of the new Corona virus, where the Turks ask him to use the energy of the army To protect Turkey’s interests at home before abroad, like many other countries.

In this context, sources confirmed the killing of 9 fighters from the pro-Turkish Syrian factions during clashes with the Libyan National Army.

This comes at a time of heightened resentment among the fighters who were recruited by Ankara to fight alongside the Al-Wefaq government, and was keen to send them to Libya via secret flights from Istanbul airport towards the Libyan capital over the past three months.

This resentment reflects the dilemma in which Erdogan found himself, with the increasing repercussions of the crisis of spreading the Corona virus around the world, especially in Turkey, where fears of the epidemic are out of control in light of the army’s inability to help combat the outbreak further because of the large number of soldiers remaining outside the border.

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