Protests among pro-Ankara factions in Idlib … and Turkey releases a leader in ISIS

Selava Omar –

The occupied Syrian territories by Turkey are witnessing chaos and protests among the militant factions, while sources said that Ankara released one of the ISIS terrorist leaders in the Syrian city of Tal Abyad.

The Arab newspapers published this morning on the Syrian issue touched on several issues, most notably the situation in the areas occupied by Turkey, and in this context, Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper said, “Protests escalated among the elements of the pro-Turkish factions in northeastern Syria, yesterday, where dozens of fighters from the participating Syrian factions gathered In the “Spring of Peace” military operation east of the Euphrates, demanding their transfer to the areas of the “Euphrates Shield” and the “olive branch” subject to Turkey and the factions loyal to it in the West of the Euphrates, in addition to asking the Turkish forces to distribute their salaries.
In this context, the Syrian Observatory reported that the Syrian fighters opened fire indiscriminately in the air, as an expression of their protest and anger, and that this came in the context of the ongoing protests by the pro-Turkish factions over their policy. towards them”.

The newspaper added: “Meanwhile, the Violations Documentation Center in northern Syria revealed that Turkey recently released a former leader of” ISIS “responsible for the assassination and kidnapping of Syrians, after he was detained in the prisons of one of the factions loyal to it in the city of “Tal Abyad”.

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