Coalition Civil Affairs Divests Equipment To Further Stabilize NE Syria

Detention and hospital facilities in Al-Hasakah and Al-Shaddadi received approximately $1.2 million worth of equipment for detainee support and COVID-19 prevention efforts in northeast Syria on March 27th, 2020.

The divestment comes as a joint effort from the Coalition’s Counter-ISIS Train and Equip Fund, the Civil Military Operations Center, and Civil Affairs Team Shaddadi.
Personal protection equipment, such as latex gloves and masks, as well as surgical kits, defibrillators and oximeters were all provided to not only hospitals, but also detention facilities across the Hasakah and Shaddadi area.

Additionally, detention facilities received riot gear for guard forces, including masks, shields and batons.

This equipment comes at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic has raised concern for how the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) will address the needs of detention and hospital facilities. In the event that the virus continues to spread across Syria, Syrian partner forces will be better prepared to combat it.

Given the urgency of the pandemic, the Coalition’s first priority is to ensure that the SDF’s ability to assist the region in humanitarian efforts is more than adequate. That being said, this partnership extends beyond the scope of the pandemic and is critical to the stabilization of Syria and the region for years to come.

In an environment where Daesh will attempt to exploit any weaknesses in Syrian detention facilities in order to resurge, the need to secure these facilities with proper equipment is paramount to preventing Daesh reemergence in the area.

Continuing divestiture in northeastern Syria is essential to sustaining the defeat of Daesh in the region. As our partner forces bring further stability to the region, the Coalition will continue to support their efforts.

Divestitures that seek to further support Syria’s infrastructure require a global effort. Without international support for stabilization, we risk a return of the conditions under which Daesh arose.

Source: Dvids

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