New Turkish plans in Libya and Corona threaten Middle East

Selava Omar –

Several Arab newspapers today talked about the future of the Middle East in light of the Corona epidemic and Turkey’s complexity of the Libyan crisis through new marine plans.

Today’s Al Bayan newspaper dealt with several topics, including the Libyan issue, as it stated, “With the fighting fronts burning again in southern and eastern Misurata, and around and inside Tripoli, Turkey escalated its blatant interference in Libya in an unprecedented way, when one of its warships approached the western coast of the country. And the indiscriminate firing of two rockets at populated areas in Ejailat and Sabratha. Observers responded to the attempt by the Erdogan regime to prevent the national army from entering Zuwara (120 km west of Tripoli), including controlling the Ras Jadeer border crossing with Tunisia.

The spokesman for the Libyan National Army, Major General “Ahmed Al-Mismari”, said that a Turkish warship bombed the city of Al-Ajailat, west of Tripoli, without recording casualties, noting that “the Turkish navy’s interference continues, as previously the Turkish warships were escorting cargo ships carrying weapons, military equipment, terrorists.

The Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper also reported on the Corona virus crisis in the Arab countries and said: “The crisis of the spread of Corona in the world and the Middle East region is threatening the societies, economies and governments of many countries, and the epidemic came at a time when a number of Arab countries were facing unprecedented protest movements from In order to change its economic, social and political reality.

This pandemic places countries in the region and the entire regional system in front of existential security and political challenges, as it strikes at a time when Arab countries face deep economic crises whose effects have accumulated amid a global economic recession, while others have become among the failed or inactive countries, where internal wars and military interventions are taking place External on its soil, and the epidemic crisis deepens, faltering the regional system and increasing its failures”.

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