What did Erdogan discuss in his phone call to Trump ?? ” fast reading ”

Brusk Hassan –

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made a phone call to his American counterpart Donald Trump on Tuesday, and according to preliminary news, the parties ‘talks focused on several issues, some of which were announced to the media, but important issues remained secret, and this is not something new in the presidents’ contacts and states and governments discussions .

But the discussion between Trump and Erdogan, even if nothing came of it, immediately brings to mind the Kurdish issue in Syria and the Turkish Kurdish conflict. According to the statement issued by the Turkish Foreign Service’s external communication service, on the content of the collected contact, Erdogan and Trump, bilateral issues, regional developments and the new type of Kovid-19 outbreak that is sweeping the whole world have also been discussed.

“The two leaders agreed that the fight against the epidemic can only succeed with solidarity and global cooperation,” the statement said. And I decided to take the necessary steps to exchange best practices, data and experiences to control the different effects of the epidemic.

” But the White House statement focused on something else far from the subject made by the Turkish Presidency’s Foreign Communications Service, where (the White House) revealed a consensus that took place between the two parties, “stressing that supporting the ceasefire in Syria and Libya is more important than before.

” This came in a written statement from the White House, which made it clear that Turkish President Erdogan and American Trump made a phone call today.

It was during the call that Turkey and the United States would make efforts to combat the Coruna virus, “the two presidents agreed to work closely to support the international campaign to defeat the virus and support the global economy.

” The statement stressed that Erdogan and Trump addressed important bilateral and regional issues, saying: “Presidents Erdogan and Trump agreed that efforts to support and resolve the ceasefire are important in countries experiencing conflict, especially in Syria and Libya. “According to the same statement.

But observers believe that the discussion of fighting the Corona virus may be one of the articles that were discussed between Erdogan and Trump, but it will be the last, especially that Idlib is still under the spotlight, and America is working in any way to find a weight in it, not only this, but that the Turkish crowds With armored vehicles, tanks, and heavy military vehicles, they never bode well, or they would go ahead with their agreement with the Russians, and as evidenced by the progress of developments on the ground as well, Russian forces have so far been unable to conduct any patrol until now, and control and control is still in the hands of the Syrian factions loyal to Ankara and the administration of the Al-Nusra Front that Come out How much in the region with Qatari and Turkish support, and certainly this equation will not last long, as the Russians are not like the Americans “their patience is limited”Putin wants to end the Idlib issue, or at least the M4 issue, which is an obstacle to the government’s moves in Damascus.

Far from Idlib, the thing that is likely to be discussed is ” East of the Euphrates”. On the one hand, America wants the withdrawal of its forces from Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria as well, but not before it regulates guaranteeing its interests.

Whether in Iraq, Afghanistan, or even Syria, it will withdraw after ensuring its interests and maintaining Some parties allied with it. America is being subjected to Russian harassment in the east of the Euphrates, and it has recently become clear, especially in areas that America does not want to leave, such as the Rumailan and Deir Ezzor regions.

What it wants is to maintain the structure of the Syrian Democratic Forces and continue its support, and to keep the partnership and the continuation of the alliance with it in any way, and for America there are many messages that reach the leadership of the Syrian Democratic Forces that they want to maintain the partnership and develop the relationship with it, and this disturbs the “ Turkish ” ally A defiant defeat by the Russian bear in Idlib a month ago.

Some sources say that America could have helped Turkey during its attack by the Syrian regular forces in Idlib, Syria, with the support of Russian aircraft, but Washington wanted to give a lesson to Ankara.

Then along with “other issue” she was presented with the need to accept the current administration of northern and eastern Syria, and what Trump announced about Erdogan and the Syrian Kurds accepting the negotiations was not denied by Ankara.

It is believed that the hotspots in their connection are Idlib. And then the American presence in Syria and oil, but above all this is the need to negotiate with the leadership of the Syrian Democratic Forces.

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