Murder, robbery, and ill-treatment … Turkey’s style and followers in northern and eastern Syria

Selava Omar –

While the residents of northern and eastern Syria live in a state of terror from the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, amid almost non-existent health capabilities to fight the epidemic, Turkey and the factions loyal to it do not stop their brutal violations and practices against all peoples of the region, especially the Kurdish people, with the aim of spreading terror and fear in the hearts of the people.

The factions loyal to Ankara also arrested a Kurdish citizen from his village, “Mirkan”, located in the northern countryside of Afrin, where the factions elements brutally beat and tortured him, then tied him and pulled him behind a military vehicle, before the eyes of the people inside the village.

Turkey seeks to put pressure on the Syrian Democratic Forces to supply electricity to its regions in exchange for water supply in the north and east of Syria, where most of the residents of these areas complain of a shortage of water, as they are in urgent need, especially these days, with fears of an extension of the epidemic.

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