Corona continues to invade the world … and Iran’s aims to reach Mediterranean across the Syria

Selava Omer –

Reports indicates that Iran aims to establish a permanent presence in “Deir Al-Zor” linking it to Latakia and reaching the Mediterranean, while the Corona epidemic continues to sweep the world.

The Arab newspapers touched this morning on several topics in the Syrian issue, the most important of which was the Iranian presence in Syria, where Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper said, “Iran is intensifying its presence to implement its plans to establish a permanent presence in Deir Al-Zour in eastern Syria with the aim of extending a” land corridor “linking it to Latakia on the Mediterranean and Lebanon through Iraq and Syria.

In November 2017, the Syrian army forces, with the assistance of Iran and its factions, recovered the “Albukamal” area on the Syrian-Iraqi border from ISIS terrorists.

In another context, Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper reported on the spread of the Corona epidemic, “Despite data on the stability of the number of new infections of the Corona virus emerging in a number of countries, especially in Italy, the epidemic continues to claim more lives, especially in Spain, and continues to besiege more countries with closures and isolation measures”.

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