Life returns to “Hajin” … a year after its liberation from ISIS by SDF

Life returns to “Hajin” … a year after its liberation from ISIS

Selava Omar –

A year has passed since the defeat of ISIS from the region, the liberation of the city of Hajin, and the natural life began to return to its former era, the situation changed a lot after the elimination of the terrorist organization.

In this context, the citizens expressed their joy at the return to normalcy and the resumption of their work, where one of them stated:

the whole situation is different from the past ” during the ISIS rule”every shop owner who returned to Hajin, he opened his business and is warking again.
He continued, saying:I am selling second hand clothes because more than half of my merchandise had been confiscated by ISIS rule, they took all my goods, so i opened a shop for second-hand clothes, thank god, the business good .

In the same context, another citizen warking as a barber stated: life has opened up for us and now we have more opportunities our business targets the youth modern haircuts and styles are in demand.

ISIS is brutality against civilians and the suppression of their personal freedom and way of living are still engraved in their memories.

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