The world is busy with Corona and Erdogan is seizing the opportunity and continues to takeover the Kurdish municipalities

Brusk Hassan –

The Turkish state continues its violations against the Kurdish people, at a time when the Corona virus sweeps the world and they are concerned about the need to confront it and unite efforts to stop it.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has repeatedly threatened that he will strike the Kurdish people and their movement and every party is trying to extract any rights to them in Turkey and abroad.

Although the Peoples Democratic Party is considered one of the official parties in the state and participates in parliament, it was the easiest and first goal for Erdogan and his government, the Justice and Development Party, to get rid of them and seize their municipalities, and send his deputies to prison on charges of terrorism.

According to the observers, Erdogan and his Justice and Development Party succeeded in removing the HDP from before them, throwing most of them into prisons, and seizing the municipalities they had won during the elections.

Erdogan had threatened, before the March 31 municipal elections, the “Kurdish Democratic Peoples Party” to impose tutelage on the municipalities that members would win in the recent local elections, and in fact, only 47 mayors of the Kurdish party had been sacked in one year.

The recent local elections, during which members of the Kurdish party managed to win 65 municipalities, but they did not complete their first year in office until the Ministry of Interior imposed trusteeship on 40 municipalities and dismissed 7 others with “ judicial ” decisions after instructions issued by Erdogan and a guardian of the Justice Party was appointed And development instead of them. Erdogan had threatened on February 25, 2019, almost a month before the municipal elections, to impose wills on the municipalities where the Kurdish party wins, saying: “They say that they will win again in the municipalities that were previously subject to judicial custody. And I tell them: Even if you win the municipalities, we will not leave these municipalities to you, but rather we will impose guardianship on them again.

Since August last year, in which the results of the municipal elections were announced, the Turkish Ministry of Interior has been pursuing Kurdish mayors who are arrested and arrested for their post.

The delegation of the European Parliament criticized during his visit to Turkey last month, criticized the dismissal of the elected Kurdish mayors and the appointment of a guardian instead of them, and demanded not to prejudice the independence of the judiciary.

Last November, Turkish Interior Minister “Suleiman Suleu” revealed that more than 40 mayors had been sentenced to prison and that 19 of them had been arrested.

Commenting on the dismissal of the elected mayors, the Kurdish Democratic Peoples Party called for early parliamentary elections, saying that “the government that lost the support of the majority in the municipal elections on March 31 and returned them on June 23, lost their legitimacy in society, raped The will of the people through revolutionary political methods, such as the removal of mayors.

It cannot run society, more than that through illegal and unlawful methods. ” It is noteworthy that the situation of the major municipalities won by the opposition Republican People’s Party is not much better, as mayors exposed to harassment and obstacles, complained of Akram Imamoglu, mayor of Istanbul, and Nusur Yavash, mayor of Ankara.

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