Details of the insurrection carried out by ISIS operatives in Hasaka prison

Brusque Hassan –

The Al-Sina’a prison in the neighborhood of Ghweran in the Syrian city of Hasaka witnessed a major insurrection, carried out by ISIS members, who are being held by the Syrian Democratic Forces, who were arrested during combing operations carried out with the International Coalition to Combat Terrorism in Syria.

According to what the “News 24” reporter reported from the event site, a number of the organization’s members managed to control a hall during their time for ventilation, after which large numbers of other dormitories accompanied it after breaking its doors and then climbing to the roof of the prison to disobey and include the rest of the dormitories as well. .

Our correspondent indicated that, despite the prison guards’ attempts, some members of ISIS were able to reach the outer wall and it is believed that a number of them had escaped, after they broke some walls.

Our correspondent confirmed that the prison witnessed the strongest disobedience of the elements of the organization who tried to escape and somehow succeeded in controlling one of the dormitories completely.

Our correspondent indicated that he believed that there were a number of wounded, in addition to the flight of a number of them, as the prison administration could not verify the numbers as a result of the exit of a dormitory from under control.

Our correspondent said that the international coalition forces arrived at the prison, accompanied by the Red Cross, to calm the prisoners.

Al-Hasakah city is witnessing an alert and tense situation after receiving reports of the organization’s escape from prison, as it is considered one of the most dangerous prisons in the world.

In a press conference, a member of the prison administration said that the prison has become a burden, especially since elements of 50 nationalities are being held there, without any party or state providing us with assistance to manage these dangerous prisoners, or find a solution for them.

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