From the plague to corona … epidemics changed the course of history and destroyed millions

Selava Omar –

The new Corona virus reveals weaknesses in the global response to the spread of viruses in light of the increasing infections that often lead to death.

Affected many of the epidemic of civilizations since the first spread known in 430 BCE and for many of these epidemic implications big on human history and civilizations.

Between 1347 and 1351, spread the plague all over Europe, killing 25 million people. Fired him “death black” took statistics levels of the population in Europe and more than 200 a year to return to their level before the year 1347. it is likely to be the epidemic killed larger numbers in Asia, and especially China, where the thought that it is home to the epidemic.

Among the implications of the other for this epidemic was the beginning of decline in the peasant in the fiefs where many people were dead.

When the Europeans reached the American continents, they brought with them many diseases, including “Smallpox”, an infectious disease that has killed nearly 20 million people, or about 90% of the population of America, as this Europeans helped colonize and encircle the evacuated places and change the history of the two continents.

In 1816, a “cholera” epidemic spread in the city of “Jessore”, in India and moved to neighboring areas, where it killed millions before a British doctor named “John Snow” was able to know some information about ways to limit its spread.

In 1918, the “Spanish Influenza”, also known as the “Flu,” infested nearly 500 million people and killed about 50 million globally. During this period, the First World War was on the verge of its end and the public health authorities did not have sufficient means to deal with viral epidemics. Which contributed greatly to its impact on societies.

In 2009 a new type of influenza virus appeared, infecting more than 60,000 people in the United States, and the number of deaths worldwide ranged between 151 and 575,000. It came to be called because of its transmission from pigs to humans.

And in 2014 a virus was spread in a small village in “Guinea” launched by the name of virus “Ebola” proportion to the name of the River close to the focus outbreak epidemic was limited range compared diseases of modern but it was a fatal and spread to the small number of neighboring countries Africa killed about 11 thousand people out of 29 thousand infected in Guinea and Liberia and Sierra Leone and cause in decline of investment contained dramatically in the three countries.

Suggest a study conducted by Australian National University out that the virus Corona’s new will cause the killing of millions of people, and it will cost global GDP the amount of 2.4 trillion dollars.

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