quick read in Trump’s talk about the Turkish-Kurdish peace agreement in Syria?

Brusk Hassen –

US President Donald Trump, on Tuesday evening, made a long interview on the “Fox News” channel with statements focused mainly on the issue of fighting the Corona epidemic that is sweeping the world and besieging big cities and capitals.

Trump during his speech touched on the issue of the Kurdish-Turkish conflict as well, during which he revealed the willingness of the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and the Syrian Kurds to conclude a peace agreement, saying that both sides assured him of their agreement to that.

And Trump explained, “I told them (Turkish), they signed the agreement with the Kurds, they reached peace. But Erdogan did not want to do this. Indicating that the Kurds also did not want. In the end, the so-called Safe Zone was established, which happened recently, about two months ago.

He added: “And here they started the war, and the situation became very bad, and interference was taken by other countries. You should know that they announced their acceptance of the agreement, but have not yet signed the agreement.

And they respond: Yes, we shall. According to the information we have, the American administration has been working for some time to bring the views of both sides closer to each other.

James Jeffrey held extensive consultations with the two sides, and he was able to achieve significant progress in the convergence of views of both parties, and that the Turkish side showed some flexibility for the consultations.

The Kurdish side also had shown permanent flexibility in consultations and finding a peaceful solution with the Turkish state, and that the self-administration has repeatedly announced its willingness to hold talks for a peaceful solution with Turkey.

The American administration, for its part, intensified its consultations with both parties, and the American Senator Lindsey Graham made an interesting call with the leader of the Syrian Democratic Forces, and he carried several messages, including: the continuation of the partnership with the SDF SDF, the continuation of the campaign to combat terrorism against ISIS, and also the partnership with America and the preservation of On a permanent relationship with Washington.

This was not only, but it “seems” a preliminary step by the American administration to accelerate the stage of negotiations and reach a solution between Turkey and the “Kurds” of democratic self-administration and directly behind it with the SDF continuing.

Russia, for its part, heard about the issue, and it sent its defense minister to Damascus to discuss the recent Moscow agreement between Erdogan and Putin on Syrian Idlib.

After the meeting with Assad, he announced the necessity of restoring the Syrian regular forces control over the entire Syrian lands.

And it seems that the American-Russian race now will focus first on East Euphrates and how to persuade Erdogan to address the Kurdish leaders in Syria, and the conclusion of a peace agreement that satisfies everyone.

Erdogan also stumbled his plans in Syria after his collision with the Russian bear in Idlib and the resounding loss of his forces and army, which forced him to review his accounts that turned out that his relations with Moscow are not friendship or permanent strategic relations and may collapse in any other clash, and this is why I knocked on the doors of Washington again, and the response was The last after the S400 deal dealt with the issue of resolving the relationship with the Syrian Kurds, especially since the Turkish attack on them embarrassed America even among the international community.

he current conditions are related to the remaining papers in the hands. The Russian side is trying to preserve Erdogan, and benefit from self-administration and incursion into the administration areas by exploiting the Kurdish-Turkish contradictions and conflicts, as well as the American side also wants to rebuild trust between it and Ankara, but at the same time maintain self-management and forces A democratic Syria and not to overdo it.

The Pentagon and the American military administration have strong relations with the leadership of the Syrian Democratic Forces and want to maintain this relationship even if it is shaken during the Turkish attacks. The next few days will reveal developments and more information.

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