The Turkish occupation is following the ISIS approach in northern Syria

Selava Omar –

The risks of the Turkish occupation of the Syrian territories and the occupation of large parts of its north with scenarios very similar to those followed by the terrorist organization ISIS in Syria. After eliminating ISIS, it appears that the danger of the Turkish occupation will not be less than the danger of ISIS on Syrian lands.

A year has passed since the last ISIS strongholds were destroyed in Syrian territory since the QSD forces defeated the terrorist organization in its last stronghold in the town of “Al-Baghouz” in Deir Ezzor, eastern Syria, where it declared victory on March 23, 2019.

This great victory was and still is of great importance to all components and peoples of the regions of northeastern Syria, which fought ISIS for half a decade and sacrificed more than 11 thousand martyrs and many wounded.

In recent years, the whole world has witnessed the threat of ISIS to destabilize security, stability and the spread of terrorism in many regions. Although its geographical spread was limited to Syria and Iraq, its terrorist attacks have affected several countries in the world.

Since 2014, the Islamic State has not stopped launching terrorist attacks on the northern and eastern areas of Syria run by self-administration, but thanks to local resistance, many of these attacks were thwarted, and in early 2015, ISIS terrorists were defeated in the Kobani region, This victory had a major impact on the terrorists, who then began to retreat as a result of strikes by the YPG and YPJ, as well as the Syrian Democratic Forces “QSD”, which launched several campaigns to liberate the region in cooperation with the international coalition to fight ISIS.

The terrorist organization “ISIS” paved the way to sow the seeds of extremism and terrorism in the areas it occupied, using the most heinous methods of kidnapping and killing and spreading ideas of extremism to intimidate people and impose a new lifestyle.

His terrorist operations were not limited to the areas of his occupation only. His terrorist attacks were repeated in many countries of the world from bombings and shootings and run-over, whether in British or French cities and others, which proved that these terrorists have become a threat to the entire world.

Today, a year after the defeat of ISIS, we see that a new danger is emerging to the fore, and scenarios very similar to those pursued by ISIS in Syria, are being repeated again.

In 2016, Turkey began the direct occupation of the Syrian territories, where its presence previously was limited to supporting ISIS and “AL-Nusra” across the border . At that time, Turkey occupied the cities of Jarabulus and Al-Bab, replacing ISIS, in addition to the city of Al-Azaz, which was a stronghold of the fighting factions backed by Turkey.

After that, Turkey launched a military attack on Afrin and occupied it, where the QSD forces were present, those forces that defeated ISIS.

Turkey was also able to control the Idlib file and enter as a guarantor country to that region to form an umbrella protection for the remains of ISIS, al-Nusra and other extremist factions.

Turkey occupies large parts of the Syrian lands and this threatens integrity of Syria and destabilizes it and the form of life in the areas currently occupied by Turkey is no less than the way in the people lived in the areas previously occupied by ISIS.

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