The decision to ban curfews in northern and eastern Syria came into effect this morning

Selava Omar –

In accordance with a circular issued by the Joint Presidency of the Executive Council of North and East Syria as a preventive measure to prevent the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, the curfew begins in the regions of northern and eastern Syria starting at 06:00 today, Monday, March 23.

The Joint Presidency of the Executive Council for North and East Syria, issued last March 19, issued a circular in which it mentioned several decisions it had taken to confront the epidemic of Corona, which has become a serious threat to humanity, including a decision to “impose a curfew in all areas of self-administration for northern and eastern Syria starting from Monday morning On 3/23-2020 at 6 in the morning.

In this context, the decision will come into effect from Monday morning, and will continue until further notice, according to which it will:

Movement and movement between self and civil administrations, as well as between major cities within each administration, is prohibited.

All restaurants, cafes, “bazaars” commercial centers, public parks, private medical clinics, wedding halls and mourning tents are closed.

Excluded from this prohibition are all hospitals, public and private health centers, international organizations, the cross and the Red Crescent, pharmacies, sterilization committees, cleaners and ovens, food stores exclusively, food transport vehicles, infant formula, fuel.

It is worth noting that the Executive Council of the Joint Presidency has warned the citizens ’brotherhood to abide fully by the aforementioned procedures, and that any violation will expose its owner to legal accountability duly.

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