ISIS is moving in the most dangerous camps in the world …AL-Holl

Selava Omar –

In the far east of Hasaka, located in the northeast of Syria, one of the most dangerous camps in the world, which houses families of ISIS terrorist fighters, is under the protection of Kurdish forces.

Every now and then, the “horror” has witnessed attempts to escape by these families.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the internal security forces “Asayish”, affiliated with the Kurdish Protection Forces, have thwarted the smuggling of women from the families of the ISIS terrorist group, who are within the “Al-Hol Camp”.

According to the information, surveillance cameras monitored the escape attempt, and the “Asayish” security forces quickly moved and thwarted the operation. According to the observatory, the intention was to smuggle 5 women of Russian nationality from the families of ISIS accompanied by 13 of their children in the early morning hours of Friday, after a woman tried to smuggle them from inside the camp , She is the wife of the administrative official for the relations of the organization’s dead citizens of non-Syrian nationalities.

They were spotted trying to escape the side wall of the camp.

This is not the first time that ISIS women have tried to escape from the camp. In conjunction with the Turkish forces launching attacks in the areas of northern and eastern Syria late last year, ISIS movements in the region have increased, along with the movement of ISIS women in the self-management accommodation camps.

In October 2019, elements of the Syrian Democratic Forces in Al-Hol camp foiled an attempt to flee ISIS, and managed to arrest 14 of them, accompanied by 21 children of different nationalities.

Al-Hol camp, 45 km east of the city of Hasaka, is one of the largest camps for self-management, inhabited by more than 74 thousand people, among the displaced, refugees and families of ISIS, women and children, and is considered the most dangerous in the world due to the presence of more than 40 thousand ISIS women and their children.

Children also constitute more than two-thirds of this figure, as they account for 66% of the population in the camp, and “most of them do not have identification papers,” especially those born on the land of the alleged “caliphate state” after their parents joined them, according to United Nations reports.

The presence of foreign “ISIS” in the horror has further complicated the camp’s problem, especially since these women are still clinging to the ideas of the extremist organization until now. Some of them engage in daytime violence in the camp, most of which is related to their victims ’rejection of their extremist ideas.

According to administrative officials in the camp, the crimes of ISIS are repeated from time to time, as they try to kill or punish any woman who does not abide by their teachings.

These women also committed willful killing in several ways, including strangulation or the use of knives and other sharp tools.

In this context, local officials are calling for some international organizations and organizations to rehabilitate Al-Hol camp women to reintegrate them into their societies, where the camp is inhabited by thousands of ISIS descendants from various European, Arab, Asian, American and Canadian nationalities.

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