Castania New Identity: Heritage meets Modern

Castania New Identity: Heritage meets Modern
Since 1983, Castania never ceases to grow bigger. Step by step, the family business earned a wide market-share and reputation in the nuts industry regionally and internationally.
Over the years, Castania lead by a unique production process starting from the selection of fine raw materials till the very last step of production i.e. the packing.
Pioneer of the nuts industry in Lebanon and the Arab region, the brand reached more than 47 countries around the world.
Keeping up with the market progress, the communication approach of Castania is always outstanding and unique, in all their online and offline advertising campaigns.
For the past 30 years, Castania has been at the heart of every gathering, , also it takes part in .#ك ّل_قعدة_فيا_كاستانيا everyone’s daily routine, hence its famous hashtag #Kell_A3de_Fiya_Castania With the relentless passion for excellence and innovation, Castania decided to embrace the change happening in the local and international scenes. Today the iconic blue brand launched an evolution of its identity featuring a new mark and full line rebranding
Heritage meets Modern.

This revamp preserves the company’s heritage and brand equity by its simplicity & clarity. The new brand mark is a distinctive lowercase “c” designed to evoke a roasting machine’s constant movement. The visual interpretation is a mouth-watering and high-contrast imagery of the ingredients which are placed on dynamic curves that give a feeling that the product is freshly roasted and packed.
 All the design and production elements were developed to reinforce the message that Castania provides the best quality products in the market. The identity will roll out gradually to englobe all the product lines, airport boutique and global outlets.
Years of constant successful stories for Castania make it the legacy that it is today and the best is yet to come!

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