Human Rights Organization reveals a statistic of two years of violations in Afrin by the Turkish occupation

Selava Omar –

Yesterday, Tuesday, Human Rights Organization in Afrin – Syria issued a statement to the public opinion, in which a statistic revealed two years of violations by the Turkish occupation army and the factions loyal to it, since the date of its occupation on March 18 ,2018, until today.

The statement was issued in the presence of members and members of the organization in addition to dozens of families, raising pictures of civilian martyrs who lost their lives following the occupation attacks on Afrin in Sardam camp in Al-Shahba district.

According to statistics, more than 300,000 civilians were displaced on / 18 / March 2018 until now from Afrin, and forced displacement continues from Afrin until now under pressure from the Turkish occupation and its Syrian armed factions, in order to resettle families from “Ghouta” and “Idlib” in The whole region of Afrin to continue the process of demographic change in it.

According to what is being circulated, the percentage of Kurds in Afrin now does not exceed 18%, which is the biggest demographic change that Syria witnessed since the beginning of the crisis in 2011, based on a consensus between the Turkish state and some regional and international powers.

Nearly 400,000 settlers were settled in all villages and areas of Afrin, which came from the conflict areas in Syria, especially the southern Idlib countryside, and the southern and western Aleppo countryside. Due to the overpopulation, informal settlements were established throughout the region.

The Turkish occupation also changed the names of the main squares in the city center of Afrin, such as the Nayrouz roundabout to Salah al-Din, the national roundabout to the March 18 roundabout, and the Kawa al-Haddad roundabout to the Olive Branch roundabout. In the context of changing the names of villages, the Turkish occupation changed the name of the village of Qastal Miqdad to Seljuq Obasi , And Kutana village to Zafer Obasi, and Kerzila to Jafer Obasi.
He accompanied changing the names of strategic and Kurdish places to Ottoman names, placing the Turkish flag and pictures of Erdogan everywhere, and on the indicative plates in every village, district and city, as well as teaching the Turkish language in schools, and putting the Turkish flag on children’s clothing.

Besides, the name of Afrin Hospital was written in Turkish, after it was written in Kurdish and Arabic, not to mention the identification panels of shops and streets were written and Turkish only, coinciding with that tampering with the Turkish occupation of the holy places, and destroyed the religious shrines of Yazidis in “Yazidi” villages.

Within the process of demographic change and changing the identity of the areas it occupies, the Turkish occupation forced the people to issue Turkish identifying identities to the Syrian civilians within the Syrian lands it occupies.

In this regard, more than (6,200) civilians have been kidnapped in two years, and the fate of more than (3,400) unknown civilians, not to mention the frequent kidnapping of Kurdish civilians in order to seek financial ransom, is what the people of Afrin describe at home as “a profitable business” Among the gunmen.

As for the situation of women in Afrin, (61) cases of rape and three suicides were documented, not to mention the attacks that women are exposed to on a daily basis in public.

As for the murders, more than 553 civilians were killed, of whom (498) were killed as a result of the Turkish bombing and its Syrian factions, and (55) were killed under torture and documented more than (680) wounded, as a result of the Turkish bombing and its Syrian armed factions. And among them, about (303) children were injured, and (213) women suffered injuries and injuries, and mine and booby-trapped accidents amounted to 201 cases, and more than (200) thousand olive trees and other forest trees were cut down for trading in firewood, and burning more than (10) Thousands of olive trees and various forest trees, and burning more than a third of the area designated for cultivation, which is estimated at more than (11) thousand hectares since Tlalh for Afrin so far, and the seizure of thousands of homes of civilians forcibly displaced, and convert dozens of them to prisons and detention centers and headquarters belonging to the elements of the Turkish occupation of the armed factions and traded.

Perhaps the most material damage and looting that was carried out by the militants of the Turkish occupation is the seizure of the olive crop, and its export to Turkey via the border village of Hammam in the district of Jenderes, which was established by the Turkish occupation in recent months to facilitate the process of crossing the olive harvest and the stolen goods, and sell it as a Turkish product in the markets As global as Spain.

According to what was confirmed by the Directorate of Archeology of Afrin, there are about 75 archeological hills in Afrin, and that the Turkish occupation and its armed men excavated and excavated most of the hills in search of archeology and archaeological finds.
According to the statistics of the Directorate of Antiquities of Afrin, more than 28 archaeological sites and warehouses have been vandalized and destroyed, and more than 15 religious shrines of various sects and religions, in addition to bulldozing several graves and turning one of them into a livestock market.

Besides, the Turkish occupation dismantled the railroad that extends from Ikbis Square in Raju district and passers-by from Kafr Jannah and cut it in Shara district, and sold it to traders from Azaz.

Therefore, we appeal to international, human rights and humanitarian organizations, led by the United Nations, the Human Rights Organization, UNICEF, and UNESCO, to carry out their moral and humanitarian duty and to pressure the Turkish government to stop its attacks against all Syrian citizens in general, and Afrin in particular, and press them to withdraw all its forces from the Syrian territories, and allow the displaced Returning to their homes, and inviting human rights and humanitarian organizations and the media to enter Afrin to document violations of the Turkish occupation and the factions loyal to it and transfer the image of what is happening on the ground to the world”.

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