Turkey continues to exploit refugees, and push Syrians to die on the borders of Europe under the Corona epidemic

Selava Omar –

Followers drew attention to the fact that Turkey seeks to divert attention from its losses in Idlib, by continuing investment in the refugee issue.
The international newspapers published this morning touched on several topics, the most prominent of which was the exploitation of the Syrian refugee card by Turkey. In this context, the Jerusalem Post newspaper said, “Turkey has sought to divert attention from its losses in Idlib by creating a crisis for the Syrian refugees on the Greek borders, and has also exploited a crisis of a pandemic. Corona emerging in Europe, which has become the epicenter of the epidemic, to increase pressure on Europe.

“The misery of the Syrian refugees on the border has worsened, and they became between the fires of fire, the attempt to migrate across the sea and crossing the Greek borders into Europe, exposure to tear gas by the Greek police, and between the fire of the epidemic in European countries.”

The lack of health care for refugees exacerbates the crisis, amid the rapid spread of the disease, Greece has recorded more than 228 cases, while Turkey has recorded about 6 cases.

The measures that Ankara is taking to counter the spread of the virus, such as suspending its flights with Europe and several countries led by Iran and suspending the study, are incompatible with what it is doing to push Syrian refugees who lack health care towards Europe.

Ankara also encourages refugees to migrate in gatherings on the Greek border, while public health experts warn of the gatherings.

“NBC” quoted the Turkish ambassador to the United States as saying that it is impossible to prevent infection with the “corona-virus” in refugee camps in Syria, yet Ankara offered to help tackle the virus in northern Cyprus, while it did not appear to the Syrians.

Ankara also threatened to push more Syrian refugees towards the unknown on the Greek border, in case the European Union countries did not pay more money.

Human Rights Watch criticized Turkey for illegal deportations, forcing Syrian refugees to migrate to Europe or to return to war-torn Syria, and denying them health care.

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