Lebanese journalist: After his projects failed in the region … Erdogan’s rule is in danger

Selava Omar –

Lebanese media journalist Mohammed Saeed Al-Raz said that Erdogan lives in a dilemma at the international, regional and local levels, and stressed that he is seeking to implement the new Middle East plan that coincides with his aspiration to establish an Ottoman caliphate in 2023, and said, but his rule is in danger.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is in trouble during this period, especially after he did not obtain NATO support in Idlib, insulted Russian President Vladimir Putin him, and Europe did not submit to his threats regarding refugees, and finally, Ali Babacan announced on Wednesday his party, “Democracy and Renaissance.”

In this context, Lebanese journalist Muhammad Saeed Al-Raz said, that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is now living in a real dilemma on all sides, whether at the international, regional or internal levels, after he raised the ceiling of his demands and threatened Syria and the region with occupation and the establishment of a land tape as a storage tank for terrorists with all their factions inside Syrian lands, as it retracts and begged Russia to declare a cease-fire and return to the Sochi Agreement after more than 60 Turkish soldiers returned to their countries inside the coffins.

Al-Ruz pointed out that Erdogan had announced that he would pray at the Omayyad Mosque in Damascus, and if by that he was unable to reach his parliament due to the parliamentary rejection of his policies and resentment of his criminal plans against the region, whether in Syria or Libya, this confirms that he drowned in the solution of the Syrian crisis and clashed his ambitions The patient, of course, is facing an overwhelming Arab confrontation, with the exception of his ally Qatar.

The Lebanese journalist and writer indicated that Erdogan’s conspiracy projects against Syria and the Arabs in general are greater than the allegations he put forward to justify his aggression, stressing that he is seeking to implement the new Middle East plan that converges with his aspiration to establish an Ottoman caliphate in 2023 after the expiry of the hundred years defined by the Versailles Agreement 1923 Turkey refrained from restoring the dream of a caliphate.

The Lebanese journalist drew that Egypt, led by “Sisi”, broke the back of Erdogan’s scheme, and then his project began to collapse successively, and thus his promises to his Brotherhood fell.

At the conclusion of his speech, Muhammad Saeed Al-Ruz indicated that it is now widely believed that Erdogan’s rule will be in danger during the coming stage after his economic turmoil, his currency has fallen significantly, the opposition against him has grown, and the army has become increasingly curious in the face of his failed projects.

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