Despite his promises, Erdogan still exploit the refugee card and sends them back to the Greek border

Brusk Hassen –

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan continues to press Europe via the Syrian refugee card, despite his promises to the European Union not to exploit them in his last meeting with them in Brussels.

The Turkish authorities facilitate access to the Greek border and provide them with support through buses, and gather thousands of people in the free zone, to form a pressure card on Europe.

Asylum seekers meet in the northwestern province of Edirne for the sixteenth consecutive day, waiting in the hope of finding a way to cross into European countries.

Asylum-seekers are waiting in the buffer zone at the Kouala Bazaar Border Gate and its surrounding areas, with the aim of crossing the border and achieving the European dream.

The Greek authorities are taking additional precautions to prevent the influx of European refugees towards Europe after the latter sent additional support to the Greek border.

Greek border guards are also continuing to reinforce security measures in the area, and recently erected a barbed wire barrier in front of the Kastanis border gate.

On Friday, the Greek authorities started building a wall of cement in front of the border gate, in addition to reinforcing barbed wire on the bank of the Merij River.
Since February 27, asylum seekers began to flow to the western borders of Turkey, after Ankara announced that it would not hinder their movement towards Europe, after the deterioration of the security situation in Idlib, Syria, which is controlled by the al-Nusra Front faction supported by Ankara and Qatar with money and arms.

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