Corona-virus isolates the countries of the world from each other with its rapid spread

Selava Omar – Xeber24. net

Precautions have escalated around the world, including the closing of airspace and curfews in some areas, after the spread of the Corona-virus around the world.

According to the statistics published by the Russia Network today, the number of people infected with the Corona virus around the world so far is 145,369, while 5,429 died, and 71,694 have recovered from the virus.

More countries are taking isolation measures, freezing their activities such as closing schools, borders and public places, imposing travel restrictions and canceling sporting or cultural events, to counter the spread of the new Corona virus.

An American emergency and Europe have become the focus of the virus.

Yesterday, US President Donald Trump declared a state of emergency in the United States to counter the spread of the new Corona epidemic, which slowed the pace of daily life in the world’s largest economic power, from closing schools to abandoning public transportation.

With the spread of the virus increasing, French President Emmanuel Macron described the epidemic as “the most serious health crisis in a century”, referring to the Spanish flu that broke out in 1918 and killed 30 million people.

The World Health Organization confirmed on Friday that Europe has become the new “focus” of the epidemic, and made it clear that it is “impossible” to predict “the time when the disease will reach its peak globally.”

Outside the European Union, Ukraine announced the closure of its borders with its first death recorded, and Pakistan also closed its borders with Afghanistan and Iran, while Russia announced that as of Monday it would reduce its flights to the European Union, while Denmark closed its borders to foreigners.

Spain, which has recorded so far is 4,200 injuries and 120 deaths, has declared alert, and so has Portugal, which has recorded 112 injuries without deaths.

Austria, Bulgaria and Greece announced the closure of unnecessary stores, and only pharmacies, supermarkets, dispensaries and medical clinics remained open in Greece.

Municipal elections in France will take place on Sunday, while Britain has postponed the local elections scheduled for May for a year.

Switzerland decided to close schools and prevent gatherings of more than 100 people.

The Irish capital, Dublin – where schools, nurseries, universities and cultural institutions were closed on Friday – looked like a ghost town, according to Agence France-Presse.

Meanwhile, prominent Paris landmarks, the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower and the Versailles Palace, were closed, and museums and archaeological sites in Greece were closed.

On Friday, a European official spoke of a “very possible contraction” in the euro area in 2020, fearing paralysis in their economies, and several European countries announced plans to support companies.

The measures taken to tackle the economic crisis caused by the virus, including the payment of compensation to the partially unemployed, will cost the French state tens of billions of dollars.

The epidemic has also caused chaos in the sporting calendar in the world, with professional football matches suspended in Germany, Italy, Spain, France and England. The European Cup matches were also postponed.

In Iran, and as the virus continues to spread, security forces are moving within 24 hours to “vacate shops, streets and roads” from people.

On Saturday, Saudi Arabia announced the suspension of all international flights for two weeks, starting from Sunday, to curb the spread of the new Corona virus, according to the official Saudi Press Agency.

While Sudan, Mauritania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Guinea, and the Kingdom of Swatini (formerly Swaziland) confirmed the first cases of the new Corona virus, bringing the number of African countries where the disease appeared to 20 so far.

In turn, the Syrian government decided to take a number of precautionary measures from the Corona epidemic, including the suspension of working hours in universities and schools and the reduction in the number of workers in the administrative public sector institutions.

The Cabinet decided to reduce the number of employees in the administrative public sector institutions to the limits of forty percent according to the shift system, reduce the number of working hours and limit them to the period from nine in the morning until two in the afternoon and cancel the manual fingerprint system for a month.

It was also decided to suspend the working hours in universities, schools and public and private technical institutes of all ministries and relevant authorities from tomorrow, Saturday, until Thursday, corresponding to the second of next April.

The self-administration of northern and eastern Syria has decided to prevent gatherings, close border crossings, and disable schools, institutes and universities, as a precautionary measure to stave off the threat of Corona-virus.

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