Arab newspapers: Ankara is discussing a permanent settlement with Moscow to get rid of the Idlib predicament

Selava Omar –

Arab newspapers issued this morning touched on several Syrian issues, most notably the situation in Idlib. In this context, Al-Arab newspaper said, “Observers considered that Turkey’s attempts to extract a permanent settlement from Russia during the consultations that continued until Friday regarding the armistice agreement concluded between them, aimed at Discussing how to get out of the dilemma of the Syrian Idlib governorate, after the Turkish forces were tightened the noose, in light of the pressures that Ankara suffers from because of the displaced people to its lands and its constant persistence that the solutions that it puts on the table are in the interest of the Syrian people.

“Turkey’s adherence to its position regarding a permanent settlement of the armistice in Idlib reflects the viewers’ belief that the agreement it concluded with Russia at the beginning of this month will not hold much like other previous agreements.

Ankara fears that it will lose its wager on the agreement, which may give it hope to regulate its ranks again, thus strengthening the groups that support it to regain control of the Syrian province.

The apparent goal of the non-escalation agreement seems to be to stabilize the city and avoid a war between the Syrian regime forces and the Turkish-backed Syrian Liberation Organization for the Liberation of Damascus, which dominates Idlib, but the problem for the Turks is greater than that.

The agreement is supposed to address Turkey’s main concerns of stemming the flow of migrants and preventing further deaths of Turkish soldiers, but it also reinforces the recent gains made by the Syrian government forces, and leaves the Turkish sites besieged”.

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