Turkey’s messages between threat and the occupation of the Syrian lands

Selava Omar –

Global newspapers today focused on the Turkish occupation in Syria after the Russian-Turkish agreement .

Times: Turkish forces will remain in Syria after the Putin and Erdogan deal.

On the Syrian issue, the Times newspaper stated that Turkey will remain in Syria under an agreement with Russia, warning that it is ready “to harm anyone who attacks it.”

This announcement came after President Putin and President Erdogan spoke on the phone to praise the “great decrease in tensions” in Idlib, northwestern Syria, after a ceasefire agreement last week that stopped months of violence and confrontations between Turkish and regime forces.

Turkish Defense Minister “Hulusi” Akar said that 7,000 soldiers would “maintain their presence” in the rebel-held Idlib area.

“We have reached a great deal of agreement,” Akar said, the Russian military delegation arrived and the talks continued, referring to discussions that confirmed Turkey’s expanded military presence in northern Syria and regional gains.

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