Turkey desperate to hide the losses of the Idlib agreement

Selava omar –

This morning, the Arab newspapers published on the Syrian issue covered several issues, the most prominent of which were the Turkish moves and the situation in Idlib.
In this context, AL-Bayan newspaper said, “In recognition of defeat and disappointment with the agreement with Russia in Idlib, from which Turkish presedent Regeb Tayyib Erdogan did not gain anything, on the contrary, he lost a lot by concluding an agreement that allowed Russia for the first time to enter the M4 road, showing Turkish dissatisfaction with the agreement in empty statements to Erdogan that were not intended by his partners in the agreement as a matter of fact, but rather first and foremost within the Turkish interior.
While Erdogan’s knows for sure that he is unable to withdrew from the agreement, it does not appear from Erdogan’s statements that his country will not hesitate to take greater military action in Idlib if the truce was violated, more than an attempt to conceal the weakness of his position in the Syrian north, and the loss of all the cards he was betting on, as he only defends his soldiers who are deployed at the checkpoints.

Erdogan explained before the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) deputies in parliament that there were small cease-fire violations had taken palace, that Turkey had prioritized the safety of 12 observation posts set up in the region.

In another context, the Turkish Foreign Minister “Maolud Gawish Oghlo”, went on to describe the talks between Turkish and Russian officials regarding the implementation of the cease-fire as positive and constructive in his turn, said Turkish Defense Minister “Halusi Akar’: We are currently looking at measures related to opining the M4 motorway for safe passage”.

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