Video: This is how Putin insulted the Ottoman Sultan “Erdogan”

Video of how to "Putin" offended Erdogan will shock the Sultan's loyalists and the Syrian opposition

Brusk Hassen-

The Russian media released video clips showing Turkish presented Regep Tayyib Erdogan and his accompanying delegation entering the palace of Russian president Vladimir Putin.
And that was during the last meeting, which took place on 05/3/2020, in the Russian capital, Moscow.

But the video footage showed Erdogan and all his ministers waiting for two minutes in front of the door without allowing them to enter, not only this, but the intelligence men searched the portfolios one by one.

The scenes of shame and misfortune appeared on the face of Erdogan and his ministers who accompanied him during the visit, which included the foreign ministers the defense minister and the head of the communications department, in addition to the finance minister, along with the rest of the ministers who accompanied Erdogan.

According to the timing shown on the video screen, they waited quite two minutes in front of Putin’s room, in a humiliating manner.
It seems that Putin wanted to give them a lesson even before meeting them.

Erdogan’s features and the looks of his ministers seem to emerge from a defeated war.

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