Putin captured the ottoman pile to try it on their grandson “Erdogan” and for the first time the latter savored the stinging of the loss

Brusk Hesen –

This is the first time that turkish president Regeb Tayyip Erdogan tasted the loss, which he shook from his chair despite all his diplomatic efforts, and despite the status of all his cards that he used in times of crises.

Turkey, which was not once friendly to Russia collected with the latter for a few years the current events in Syria, and the Russian bear and the man of Kakibi managed to pull the turkish wolf from under the armpits of NATO, even for a limited distance, but he succeeded in using it in many political equations and conflicts.

But soon the conflict raged in Libya and the eastern mediterranean, until The Russian- Turkish interests also collibed in the midst of the battles, and with their interests colliding in Libya, the condition between them in syria also increased, especially in Idlib, where terrorist factions are embraced, and the border reached both sides to a kind of the clash is direct and sometimes through agents.

Turkey sent its largest military force into the syrian staff, but it quickly grabbed a charity behind more than 40 dead and more than 50 wounded so far.
the house of military vehicles died in addition to losing strategic locations and manipulation that was controlled by the pro-Syrian opposition leader .

Erdogan and his soldiers killed many doors, were closed to him one by one, the first of which was the United States of America refusing to provide his country with a patriot missile system, followed by the European Union, which rejected.
Erdogan’s decision and his defaults to pay billions to him or opens the doors for refugees to go to Europe, but the last instead of making it clear to him, they paid millions to his neighbor, made the archenemy greece, and declared unanimously that they stood up to Turkish secretions.

Not only that, but Erdogan received a direct answer from NATO, that it was not ready to engage in a war against Russia for Turkey, but it declares that it stands by Turkey, in protecting its speech was more propaganda than what is practical and that is why Erdogan is convinced that NATO will not do anything for them, although he has contacted most of the leaders of countries the European Union and US president Donald Trump, he reached the conviction that he remained without friends, and for this he gave in to the pressure of the” Russian bear” before it was too late, and the latter did not give him a date to meet until after it was confirmed that he will bow.

Indeed, Putin and Erdogan met on 5/3/2020 in the Russian capital, Moscow, and although their discussion continued for nearly 6 hours, Putin was able to impose all his conditions on erdogan, and it was read in front of the media to be document to be sued at any time.

The result was that they announced the following:

1-Halting all hostilities on the Idlib area to reduce the escalation from 01;00 on March 6, 2020.

2-Create a safe corridor that is 6 km north and 6 km south of the “M4” road, so that the precise criteria for the safe passage work will be coordinated through communication channels between the defense ministries of the Russian Federation and the Turkish Republic within 7 days, and this was what the Turkish side rejected, as the M4 road is one of the cards the strategy is on the map of the conflict in Syria, and it was included in the Sochi Agreement.

3- The start of the joint Russian- Turkish patrols on March 15, 2020 along the “M4” road, from the town of Tarnyba, tow kilometers from the city of Saraqib, to the town of Ain Al-Hour.

This means the withdrawal of all factions from those areas without any clash.

Lavrov indicated that the document has been in effect since Russian defence ministers, Sergey Shoygu, and the Turkish,
Hulusi Akar.

It is clear from these items that Putin imposed his conditions on Erdogan, the latter lost his soldiers, lost hundreds of billions of his country’s currency deteriorated, in addition to losing to his closest friends in NATO and European Union countries.

Erdogan not only lost this, but but lost his popularity in the Turkish street, amid economic crises hitting his country.
Indeed, the Russian Tsar managed to take over the ottoman pile to try it this time with their arrogant grandson Regeb Tayyip Erdogan , to taste the taste of bitterness.

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