Video: The clash that took place today in the village of Khirbet Amo in Qamishli between the American and Syrian forces

Brusque Hassan –

According to the information obtained by the correspondent of “ xeber24 ” from the city, the checkpoint of the regime intercepted the passage of the American military patrol from the checkpoint of Al-Dabanah roundabout, which is the intersection of the international road to Derek east and south towards Tel Hamis and a battalion is located near it in the village of Tartoub, where it is considered System area.

Our correspondent pointed out that the Syrian regime forces harassed journalists and journalists at the location of the interception of the patrol, which led the plane of the “American” international coalition to open the sound barrier and drop a bomb.

Our correspondent stated that the regime forces attempted to capture one of the American soldiers in the area, which constituted a reaction to the American forces and led to shooting between the two sides for a short period.

Our reporter confirmed that the village of Khirbet Amo witnessed one raid, but he heard two explosions, without being able to hear the other explosion.

He pointed out that the plane flew over the entire city of Qamishlo and over the city’s airport, to return to its headquarters.

Video journalist Mohamed Hassan

Video xeber24

#بلدة_خربة_عمو__قصف_طيران_أمريكي البث المباشر كان على بعد 300 متر فقط من حاجز النظام

#بلدة_خربة_عمو__قصف_طيران_أمريكيالبث المباشر كان على بعد 300 متر فقط من حاجز النظام

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