In pictures : Losing 20 kilograms of fat and five dress sizes didn’t stop me from wanting more

In pictures : Losing 20 kilograms of fat and five dress sizes didn’t stop me from wanting more

Prepared and interviewed by: Nicole Nicolas – Bridge of Minds

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Fitness has been one of the most controversial topics for the past few years. People are getting more and more involved in it as they are discovernig the benefits of working out and exercising on the body.
It was in 2010 when Maya Nassar decided to change her life. Throughout the years, Maya became dedicated to transforming her overweight body into a fit and healthy one.
“Losing 20 kilograms of fat and five dress sizes didn’t stop me from wanting more. I heard about competitions and wanted to push to my limits both mentally and physically. I wanted to go from being too insecure to walk on the beach to getting on stage in the best shape of my life. Ever since I started competing, I loved it and became addicted.”
2013 was a big deal for Maya as she participated in her first international fitness competition at the United Kingdom. And since then, Maya took 9 trophies back home.
Being a mom of two toddlers was never an obstacle for Maya as she kept exercising during both her pregnancies until the very last day of labor and postpartum. When asked about her advice for pregnant ladies, she emphasised on the importance of working out during a pregnancy.

“Exercising is not only beneficial for the mother and helps her have an easier pregnancy, but there are also many health benefits for the baby too. A pregnant woman should exercise at least 3 times a week and can more or less do the same exercise she was doing before pregnancy but at a lower intensity.” In other terms, “dangerous sports such as horse riding, skiing, outdoor cycling should be avoided as this can cause injury. Moreover, tennis, basketball or soccer cause abdominal injury and must be avoided.”
Maya believes that it’s extremely important for a pregnant woman to get medical clearance before exercising or doing any kind of sports especially if she has medical conditions. But what about how many calories can a pregnant woman consume?
“During the first trimester, a pregnant woman does not need any extra calories. During the second trimester, she needs 300 extra calories per day. During the third trimester, she needs 500 extra calories per day. But calorie requirement differ if a pregnant woman is overweight or underweight.”

We all know pregnant women, and we all hear the famous saying “if you’re pregnant, you’re eating for 2”. Therefore, we asked Maya about the authenticity of this, and her answer came in as:
“This is completely untrue! Eating too many calories during pregnancy can cause health problems and obesity. Also, a poor diet can make a pregnancy much harder and can cause medical complications. If a woman gains too much weight during pregnancy, it will also be much harder to lose the weight after delivery.”
Finally, we brought up one of the most frequently asked questions: How much time will it take a woman to gain back her prepartum body?
Maya believes that it will typically take up to 6 months to regain back the prepartum body. “It depends on how much weight the woman has gained during her pregnancy. Most women will need up to a year before they completely lose all the pregnancy weight and start to feel like themselves again. Pregnancy causes a lot of changes in the body and this is also why it will take time to bounce back. With my first son, I needed around 9 months to lose all the weight and needed about 7 months with my second son.”
​As a mother, an entrepreneur, an athlete, international fitness model champion and a business owner, Maya discovered her passion for fitness several years ago. Change was never easy for her but it was so worth it! She launched a blog called “Start Living Right” which later became a business that includes a gym with 2 branches and an e-shop. She is definitely one of the fitness icons that motivates many people to start changing their life and living right!

Prepared and interviewed by: Nicole Nicolas – Bridge of Minds


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