Turkey continues its barbaric war against the civilians in north Syria

VDC-Nsy (Violations Documentation Center in Northern Syria revealed reports about increasing the rates of violence, crime, arrests and kidnappings in Euphrates Shield area, northern Syria.
Our Center indicated in a statement that the Turkish forces and their Syrian militias continue committing violations despite our calls to stop their daily raids upon unarmed civilians, arrests and kidnappings. Most of the detainees are in unknown detention centers and the factions prevent them from hiring lawyers and don’t put them on trials.
We in Vdc-Nsy argue the international organizations to interfere and fulfill their duty to protect the civilians from the Turkish forces and militias and to stop the violations of human rights and to bring those responsible to justice. Turkey is in full legal responsibility for the war crimes committed in Afrin and other Euphrates Shield areas since those areas are under factions and militias led and financed by it.

VDC-Nsy has documented the following violations in areas controlled by the Turkish Armed Forces in north Syria during February 2018 and the end of June 2019:
*967 civilians were killed, incl 25 cases under torture
*5199 were arrested, incl 610 torture cases
*121 explosions / mines, detonators
*377 ransom claims & abduction
*1615 civilians were injured, incl 179 kids/ 98 women as a result of raids on homes, explosives, or as a result of being beaten by armed groups
*1051 bombardments
*180 clashes between factions inside the cities
*434 civilians were killed by the Turkish border guards, incl 79 kids/ 53 women and 360 were injured
*1385 private properties were turned to prisons, military bases or mosques
*76 private properties were burned
*115 houses were demolished and 1396 tombs were ruined
*54 schools, educational and service centers were turned into military headquarters.
*350 demonstrations against the Turkish presence in Syria & against the local councils in 21 cities

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