Making all efforts to defeat Erdogan

Kawa Nader Qader
Erdogan making all efforts to win his candidate (Bin Ali Yelderm ) in the re-elections to Mayor of Istanbul, It will in 23 Jun happens, against the candidate of (CHP) Akram Imam Oghlo, Re-elections process in this municipality is happens to:-
__Erdogan, with the Ottoman thought,” Istanbul” was the capital of the empire Ottoman, until its fall. The losing his candidate in this municipality is politically, economic and Psychologically it is hard to lose against the candidate is the symbol of Kemalist , which overturn Ottoman Empire .
_ Istanbul’s Location has a strong economic base, and Europeans look to Turkey through Istanbul, win in Istanbul is winning in whole Turkey.
_ Erdogan began his responsibility from the municipality of Istanbul to the President of the republic; he feel when his candidate losing in the election making his authority in fear and dangerous.
Erdogan chose this Time because:-
_ Return of the majority of students to their places after the summer break, most of them were supporters of the CHP candidate.
_Erdogan’s party is betting on Kurdish votes and supporters of HDP, over than 5 million Kurdish live in Istanbul , He is trying to Own their feelings and emotion to earn their vote for them by Canceling the ban on visit to ( Mr. Abdullah Ocalan), PKK leader held in Imrali prison and working to release Salah al-Din Damartash, head of the Democratic People’s Party, in the previous election share Kurdish more than 1 million votes, more than 970 Kurdish votes to Imam Oghlou , Erdogan candidate only got about 40,000 Kurdish vote , who voted to AKP they are bureaucrats Kurd.
_ Erdogan is betting on gain on votes of the parties that withdrew from the elections, the left parties decided to support the “left, CHP”, the leftist “Democratic Party” got 30,000 votes and the Turkish “Socialist Party” won 10,000 votes. The two parties decided not to enter Re-elected and provided their full support to (CHP), “The Islamic parties and the national trend in the street ” disappointed “Erdogan and became the imam Oghlou the star for all them and the scenarios close and dangerous to the ruling party, in all case Imam Oghlou has priority by 3.9% against his competitor, As shown in a number of unbiased surveys in Turkey , After the difference in between them was 13 thousand votes for Oghlou in the 31March elections past, so the new strategy is every voices of parties that withdrawn from election is very important, … the majority of these votes will vote for Akram Imam Aghlou.
Although there is no difference between two parties about the practice of the Turkish state philosophy, especially their orientation on the Kurds, however, any change in the power of the Turkish state, the Kurds should participate in this change, but according to its developments and its special program, Any evasion or mitigation of changes, can lead to Re-history in another way
We can say here:
_ Unification of the homeland and People has not been keep with force arms , but can be does by the applying the justice and equality and law enforcement, dialogue and respect for will of citizens begin to improve the economic situation security in the country, “to openness in the closed issue” , like senior US diplomat Dennis Ross say
_The facets of the Authority and its laws can be easily changed, but changing of mentally and practices needs time.
_ Those who deal with reality by dogmatic, do not know how their history works or exceeds the past and cannot get the better future.
_ Whoever wishes to impose his will through force and a weapon must know the freedom and independent will can gained by gun nozzle too.

Finally we can say:
If Turkish state holds free and fair elections, Erdogan’s candidate does not have good luck, and maybe (HDP) try to do his best way to keep Erdogan in his crisis.
Kurdistan _ Erbil

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يتوجب عليك أن تعلم أنه من الممكن أن يتم جمع المعلومات والبيانات تلقائيا من خلال استخدام الملفات النصية (كوكيز). وهي ملفات نصية صغيرة يتم من خلالها حفظ المعلومات الأساسية التي يستخدمها موقع الشبكة من أجل تحديد الاستخدامات المتكررة للموقع وعلى سبيل المثال، استرجاع اسمك إذا تم إدخاله مسبقا. قد نستخدم هذه المعلومات من أجل متابعة السلوك وتجميع بيانات كلية من أجل تحسين الموقع، واستهداف الإعلانات وتقييم الفعالية العامة لمثل هذه الإعلانات. لا تندمج هذه الملفات النصية ضمن نظام التشغيل الخاص بك ولا تؤذي ملفاتك. وإن كنت تفضل عدم جمع المعلومات من خلال استخدام الملفات النصية، تستطيع اتباع إجراء بسيط من خلال معظم المتصفحات والتي تمكنّك من رفض خاصية تنزيل الملفات النصية. ولكن لا بد أن تلاحظ، أن الخدمات الموجهّة لك شخصيا قد تتأثر في حال اختيار تعطيل خيار الملفات النصية. إذا رغبت في تعطيل خاصية إنزال الملفات النصية اضغط الرابط هنا للتعليمات التي ستظهر في نافذة منفصلة.