Aldar Khalil insists that negotiations with the Syrian regime be stopped and calls on Russia to participate in the dialogue

Sardar Ibrahim

A member of foreign relations in the democratic society, “Aldar Khalil”, has ended negotiations with the Syrian regime at the moment.

Khalil said in a press release to the Kurdish broadcaster “Ronahi” Sunday that negotiations with the regime must resume to occupy the Turkish state to occupy more Syrian territory.

Khalil said that since the onset of the crisis and events in Syria, they have been on the path of political solution through dialogue and peaceful solutions. If there are military deployments, they are self-defense, adding that Syria has serious problems and that country has emerged from a single country, not socially, economically, or administratively, and has turned the country into a world war.

“We have seen that it is important for a regional country to intervene in this dialogue and play a role,” Khalil said.

Commenting on the meetings in Geneva and Astana, Khalil said that “Geneva has stopped and Astana has failed and there is currently no initiative or solution to the crisis.”

“The government in northeastern Syria has a solution project, we have a solution project,” Khalil said.

“Turkey is taking advantage of the current chaos, occupying Grapels, Bab, Afrin and even Idlib, and now it is building a wall, all of which proves that Turkey is not,” said Aldar Khalil, a member of the External Relations of Democratic Society. He still wants to occupy more Syrian territory and join his territory, and Russia must also be involved in this area in order to start the negotiation phase and come together to solve our problems.

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