Turkish occupation continues its violations to occupy Syrian lands

The Turkish occupation continues to build the partition wall, dig trenches, build police stations and military bases, and establish observation towers around the canton of Afrin. According to sources, the occupation aims to build a wall of 70 kilometers.
Two weeks ago, the Turkish occupation began digging trenches and placing the wall of partition and occupation around the villages of Sherawa from the villages of Meryamin to Kimar, while the occupation continues to demolish homes.

According to the information, the Turkish occupation had demolished two houses on the night of April 23 in the village of Jelbereh (Jelbul) after it had previously destroyed 15 houses, the village’s school and the water tank to build military bases and police stations.

Our agency, Hawar news (ANHA) monitored the demolition of houses in the village of Jelbereh and digging trenches instead. That has happened in front of our eyes. The occupation divided the village of Jelbereh into two sections, and put the wall in the middle of the village after the demolition of houses.

In each village, three or four bulldozers are used to dig trenches and demolish the houses to begin the process of building the wall and digging the trenches. According to our agency’s correspondents, the length of the wall has reached 1,000 meters so far.

In turn, the Human Rights Organization in Afrin region issued a statement in which it stated the intention of the occupation to build a wall of 70 kilometers inside the Syrian territories, especially in the surrounding of Afrin canton.

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