Military Council’s leader seeks to lift Sudan from State sponsors of terrorism list

Sudan’s Military Council Chief, General Abdul Fattah al-Burhan said in his first interview on Sudanese state television since taking office that the delegation could travel “this week or next week for discussions.”

The US government added Sudan to its terrorism list in 1993 because of the President Omar al-Bashir Government’s support for terrorism. Bashir was ousted earlier this month by the military after he has been for three decades in power.

In 2017, the United States lifted the 20-year trade embargo on Sudan, but left Sudan on the list of State sponsors of terrorism.

Since Bashir’s ouster, US officials have praised the country’s new military leader for the release of political prisoners. On Thursday, State Department officials announced that the latter would send an envoy to Khartoum to promote a transition to democracy.

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates pledged on Sunday to provide much needed aid in Sudan estimated at $ 3 billion. The two countries will deposit $ 500 million with the Central Bank of Sudan and the rest will be sent in the form of foodstuffs, medicines and petrol.

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