HRE: We to escalate military ops against Turkish occupation its mercenaries

HRE today issued a written statement on the Turkish state and its efforts to change the geography of the region by annexing Afrin to its territory.

The text of the statement:

“The Turkish occupation, through the occupation of the area of Afrin, is trying to change the demographic composition of the area and the organization of the mercenary factions that it is running on the one hand, and on the other tries works to isolate Afrin and annex it to its territory, in violation of international conventions and laws. As well as the expansion of the geographical boundaries of the occupied state by deducting the lands of other countries, which is an international crime under recognized international law.

Today, under false pretexts such as military measures, the Turkish occupation works to build a separation wall in the vicinity of Afrin to separate Afrin from the Syrian territory and annex it to its lands.

These crimes committed by the Turkish occupation not only target the people of Afrin but the general population of the region. We fully believe that all forces and parties that seek peace do not accept those crimes and are now called upon to raise their voice against them. The silence of the international powers in the Syrian case towards the crimes of the Turkish occupation is regrettable. The silence of those forces means their participation in these practices and violation of the principles of international law. These forces must exercise their role in preventing these practices and occupation policies.

For our part, we in the Liberation Forces of Afrin emphasize that in all circumstances we will not allow these policies to continue we will escalate our struggle and operations against the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries.

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