Sir Lanka, deaths toll rises to 310

The death toll from Saturday’s Easter attacks in Sri Lanka has risen to 310 when many people died of their wounds on Monday night, according to a police spokesman who also announced new arrests.

Sri Lankan police spokesman Ruan Gonasekera said in a statement that authorities had questioned at this stage 40 people against the background of the bombings attributed to a local Islamic group of the so-called “National Tawheed”, according to AFP.

The previous toll was 290 people killed and about 500 injured.

Sri Lanka began a day of national mourning on Tuesday with a three-minute silence in honor of the victims of the attacks on churches celebrating the Easter Mass and luxury hotels on the island of South Asia.

In the church of St. Anthony in Colombo, which witnessed the first suicide bombing on Sunday morning, dozens of people gathered silently, carrying candles and crying. At the end of the three minutes of silence, they began to pray loudly.

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