Revealed the Turkish-Russian plan in Afrin

Since 18th of March, the day in which Turkey occupied Afrin by taking a green light from Russia, the Turkish-Russian meetings started to increase. We published earlier that a Russian delegation headed to Azaz to meet Turkish officers.
After a while, this delegation headed to Afrin city and the meetings was held on a daily basis.
The meetings in dark rooms started to show dirty Russian policies in selling Syrian territories to the Turkish occupation amid the Syrian government’s silence and its neglection of the agreements and its complete satisfaction towards what is happening.
Russia tries in every way possible to have Turkey to her side and break her coalition with America in exchange for more Syrian territories.
A meeting was held between Turkish, Russian and the Syrian regime officers inside the cultural center of Afrin. Among the items of that meeting was the concession of more Syrian territory to the Turkish occupation in Sherawa villages and destroying them completely in addition to turning them to military bases and build a wall to separate Afrin from al-Shahba to separate them completely from Syria in exchange for the opening of the international Gaziantep-Aleppo road. In order to implement this plan, Russia and Turkey have to eliminate the Iranian presence in al-Shahba and Aleppo.

In the event of Iranian intransigence and refusal to accept withdrawal, Israel will be ready to bomb Iran’s positions in Aleppo to force it to withdraw. This has been clear when Israel bombed Iranian sites in Sheikh Najjar and Aleppo in addition to the increase bombing of Turkish-backed factions in the city of Aleppo and the increase of flights of Turkish and Russian aircraft over Aleppo’s northern countryside.
In conjunction with these meetings, a meeting was also held with the participation of Turkish and Russian officers and some leaders of the Turkmen factions. Where the meeting took place on the removal of all Arab factions from the center of the city of Afrin and its villages and mass mobilization on the line between Afrin and al-Zahba to be directly confronted with the regime.
Moreover, allowing the Turkmen factions to impose full control over the cit.

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