Turkish occupation exploits mercenaries at expense of civilian property

The Turkish occupation and its mercenaries continue to carry out illegal and moral violations against the indigenous Afrin inhabitants who have not abandoned their land, before the eyes of the whole world, who have not moved to stop Turkish violations against the people of the region.

The resentment of the people to stay under the Turkish occupation for more than a year is increasing, at a time when the international community does not show any position of the Turkish occupation of Afrin.

Abductions and an unknown fate of some of the abductees

According to local sources, the Turkish occupation mercenaries kidnapped Mustafa Rashid Othman last week with his car from the village of Badina in the town of Mobata. He was left by the mercenaries near the village of al-Shuyukh after they stole his car worth about five million Syrian pounds. As well as kidnapping Muhamad Ahmadf and Hussein Dahdu and demanding 200 thousand Syrian pounds ransom for each person.

The fate of Mohammed Omar and Hassan Hamid from the village of Kamarsh is unknown a year ago, and according to some sources, the abducted are in Maydan Akbes prison.

Nuri Ibrahim, 40 years old, from the village of Qaragul, in the district of Bulbul, has been abducted since April last year.

The salaries of mercenaries paid through taxes

After the exploitation of the Turkish occupation mercenaries of the Syrian factions in the attacks on Afrin canton and occupation, and tempting to pay high salaries to them, shortly after the occupation of Afrin, the Turkish occupation suspended salaries for its mercenaries and inciting them to steal property and sell them as financial salaries.

The mercenaries from time to time impose at least 25,000 to 45,000 Syrian pounds on every family in Afrin to secure their salaries every month.

The theft continues as mercenaries adopted it a career in Afrin

According to the source, the mercenaries had cut forest trees in the plains of Qara Baba village in Rajo district, in the shrine of Sheikh Darwish-al-Yazidi, in addition to the cutting of a perennial oak tree in the cemetery of the village of Jia.

In a series of thefts of property belonging to the people, the mercenaries stole 23 olive oil cans kept by Mohammed Osman from the village of Qada in Rajo district, which he kept secret, but eventually were stolen.

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